Dal 1° gennaio 2024 diventa operativa l'incorporazione di SOSE in Sogei, come previsto dalla legge n.112 del 2023 che ha disposto la fusione della società.

A tal fine tutte le comunicazioni Sose si trovano sul sito Sogei www.sogei.it


immagine persone


People first

In SOSE people represent primary resource to achieve company aims and represents its first asset.  

Skills are developped through a training policy depending on the company needs and the professional growth of its employees.

Training initiatives are carried out by  external teachers and through in-house training exchanging ideas and skills among the professional figures.

Training sessions are intended not only to enhance technical knowledge and skills but also to develop managerial skills for an effective management of activities.

Equal opportunities and inclusion in SOSE

Equity and equal opportunities are very important values in SOSE which focuses on merit and personal skills also through the adoption of remuneration policies capable of contrasting the gender pay gap, that is the differences in remuneration between men and women. In fact, the data show that the gap, if there is one, is minimal and almost always in favor of women.

In the following chart, the pay gap column always indicates the value of the pay difference between women and men.




We are committed to supporting and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion. This commitment is embraced by our board of directors and applies to all employees and other stakeholders, such as contractors and partners.

We believe that everyone is entitled to respect and dignity and we aim to develop a working environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. We support gender equality, the equal opportunity of people to fully participate and advance in the company.

We deal with diversity by valuing and sharing an infinite range of ideas, viewpoints and backgrounds to broaden our perspectives. In the same way, we think about inclusion by actively accepting each person as an important part of our organization, and encouraging collaboration between individuals and teams with different points of view.