Dal 1° gennaio 2024 diventa operativa l'incorporazione di SOSE in Sogei, come previsto dalla legge n.112 del 2023 che ha disposto la fusione della società.

A tal fine tutte le comunicazioni Sose si trovano sul sito Sogei www.sogei.it


Agile working, conference calls, updating of communications about healthcare through Intranet: SOSE has fully complied with the operational guidelines and the measures contained in the Directive No. 2/2020 of the Ministry of Public Administration, Fabiana Dadone, aiming to guarantee the same approach by Public Administrations in the containment and management of COVID-19 emergency The Directive extends the measures adopted by public administrations also to state-owned companies and to supervised authorities.  

In this situation it is fundamental to reconcile public health and administrative continuity, allowing workers to use IT tools in complete safety. SOSE has reached this objective and extended it to all employees. 

With the aim to support agile working of the entire internal community and to guarantee its access to updated information, SOSE is constantly working to produce operational guides and contents dedicated to employees in order to allow full operational continuity of all company units. 

Besides sharing information concerning personal protection indicated as fundamental by the Directive of the Ministry SOSE is also strengthening digital skills necessary to use smart working by publishing FAQs, learning pills and online courses  

Finally, the measures adopted to protect workers’ health and security will be constantly monitored and updated according to the epidemiological emergency up to the moment when they can be ignored without any threat or worry about employees.