Dal 1° gennaio 2024 diventa operativa l'incorporazione di SOSE in Sogei, come previsto dalla legge n.112 del 2023 che ha disposto la fusione della società.

A tal fine tutte le comunicazioni Sose si trovano sul sito Sogei www.sogei.it


image profileSOSE is owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and Banca d’Italia. It is the methodology partner for the strategic analysis of data in Tax, Government and Corporate matters.

The Company has extended its activities over the years, now therefore ranging from Taxation to Public Finance, always with the same methodology: analyzing and elaborating data and information in order to provide valuable solutions to support the Country’s economy.

In the area of Taxation, SOSE develops all the activities related to the implementation of the Synthetic Index of Reliability, an economic and statistical system to determine, based upon the data of the companies and their respective sectors of operation, acceptable levels of «tax reliability» in order to promote tax compliance. SOSE’s work deals both with redesigning the processes related to the tax system and the supporting IT procedures.

In the field of Public Finance, SOSE elaborated and implemented a system for the evaluation of Standard Expenditure Needs of Italian Local Governments, with the goal of distributing intergovernmental funds in an equitable and transparent way.

Both in the field of taxation, with ISAs, and in that of public finance, with Standard Expenditure Needs, SOSE assumes the role of third party and mediator between the central administration on the one hand and the trade organizations and local authorities on the one hand. other, guaranteeing a transparent, objective and constructive comparison. A consolidated working method aimed at establishing a constant dialogue between the parties.

In all areas of intervention, SOSE carries out constant research and innovation that integrates statistical-econometric and economic-business methodologies, constantly investing in new information technologies. This has led to the establishment of a Research Department which, through the enhancement of internal skills, aims to constantly enrich the offer in support of the institutions and become accredited as a research center both nationally and internationally.

Through its Research Department, SOSE has obtained recognition as a research body by the Statistical Office of the European Commission - Eurostat and has been officially included in the list of recognized research bodies that the Commission draws up and updates on its website.

SOSE Research Department is supported by a Scientific Committee made up of authoritative personalities from the academic world of international level. It is structured through the collaboration of internal and external researchers who work on the production of Working Papers and the design and organization of training and information seminars with the help of external professionals.