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The SOSE - WORKING PAPERS series aims to promote the dissemination of the results of research studies relevant to SOSE's mission, in order to feed the scientific debate and facilitate the sharing of activities and increase transparency. All works are subject to a peer review process. The series hosts the research contributions of the SOSE staff (also in collaboration with external scholars) and the works presented in conferences and seminars organized by SOSE.
The views expressed and conclusions drawn are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of SOSE.
Editor: Giancarlo Ferrara
Assistant editor: Valeria Bucci
ISSN 2784-9503

Presumptive taxation and firms' efficency: an integrated approch for tax compliance analysis

Giancarlo Ferrara, Arianna Campagna, Valeria Bucci, Vincenzo Atella
Giancarlo Ferrara, Arianna Campagna, Valeria Bucci, Vincenzo Atella, SOSE - Working Papers, N°1, 03/2021