Dal 1° gennaio 2024 diventa operativa l'incorporazione di SOSE in Sogei, come previsto dalla legge n.112 del 2023 che ha disposto la fusione della società.

A tal fine tutte le comunicazioni Sose si trovano sul sito Sogei www.sogei.it



The activities related to the regional sector are developed along two main strands.

  • The recognition of the levels of services actually provided and the related incurred costs on the regional territory by all local administrations in the sectors of education, social services and local public transport regarding the infrastructural component, activity entrusted to SOSE by the Law D. Lgs. 68/2011.
  • The evaluation of standard expenditure needs of all regional functions with the exclusion of the health care sector, and the analysis of regional fiscal revenues in order to support the Department of Finance to estimate the fiscal capacity of regional governments, activities  entrusted to SOSE by the Law D. L. 50/2017.

Recognition of the levels of services provided (education, social services and local public transport)

In accordance with the provisions of the Law D. Lgs. 68/2011, and cooperating both with the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) and the Interregional Studies and Documentation Center (CINSEDO), SOSE has carried out an assessment of the services effectively provided along with the related costs incurred by all local governments at regional level (excluding special statute regions) for the following functions: social services, complementary educational services and the local public transport infrastructure.

This analysis, with the exception of the health care sector, provides useful information support to the Parliament and the Government for the determination of the essential levels of services established in accordance with theart. 117 of the Constitution.

Evaluation of regional standard expenditure needs except for health services

According to the combined provisions of the Laws D.L. 50/2017 and D. Lgs. 68/2011, SOSE has been monitoring since 2018, in cooperation with the Interregional Center for Studies and Documentation (CINSEDO), the levels of expenditure and services provided by regional governments (apart from regions with special status) in order to support the Technical Commission for Standard Expenditure Needs (CTFS) to define the methodologies for the estimation of standard expenditure needs of all functions different from healthcare.