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The data-driven economy is a strategic axis for the recovery after the severe Covid-19 economic impact. The debate organized by SOSE within the 2021 ForumPA allowed discussing the experiences of the public and private sectors and taking stock of the challenge we are facing. The discussion highlighted the need for innovation, the dissemination of data culture, and the centrality of user experience in public services: simplifying the use of digital services to capture users’ attention and create a relationship of trust.

“A data driven approach is fundamental to win the recovery challenge.” Fabio Basile, Manager of the Communication & Marketing Unit in SOSE, used this phrase to introduce the debate organized within the 2021 Forum PA to discuss the different aspects of the ongoing revolution and identify the factors to support Italy’s recovery and resilience through the NRRP.

The data-driven economy, based on new knowledge and the ability to optimize the use of the data generated every day, was the focus of the debate aimed to share the experiences of the private and public sectors.

Vincenzo Atella, CEO and General Manager of SOSE; Paolo Ghezzi, General Manager of Infocamere; Francesco Decarolis, Associated Professor of Economics at Bocconi University, Fabio Lalli, Chief Business & Innovation Officer in Iquii participated in the debate, moderated by Fabio Basile.

"The ongoing revolution needs a paradigm shift, and the data-driven economy is a crucial element in the scenario of Digital Transformation: today the economy depends on data," Fabio Basile stated, opening the debate. The participants represented the best practices in different sectors and showed how to recover through a data-driven approach.

"In this context, SOSE, as a data analytics company, has always been extracting information from data – Vincenzo Atella explained. "From Synthetic Indexes of Reliability for the Revenue Agency to Standard Expenditure Needs for the General State Accounting Department, all innovation processes developed by SOSE aim to highlight the intrinsic value of data to orient important decisions. The methodological rigour, technical and technological innovation, and transparency towards stakeholders and public institutions have always been the leitmotif in SOSE."

“The data-driven approach is based on the virtuous process data/information/decisions – Prof. Francesco Decarolis said. The data available to economists have profoundly changed in the last years. Today, we deal with microdata with a deep level of detail, often from Public Administrations, contained in documents, texts that become information through textual analysis and machine learning.”

The Cortina Alpine World Championships 2021 – Decarolis said – are an example of a data-driven approach: the collaboration with SOSE allowed to combine data from different sources to evaluate the impact of public investments on territory considering both enterprises and local authorities.”

According to the General Manager of Infocamere, Paolo Ghezzi, the profound change represented by the data-driven economy is in society's DNA. "The Italian Business Register – Ghezzi explained – is a completely digital database of national interest and an element of economic democracy. Today, we can analyse the dynamic of a business sector or territory through data. If we think – Ghezzi continued – that 90% of available data has been generated in the last two years and the PA is the biggest producer of reliable data, we feel more responsible due to our public role."

The dialogue and debate continued with the experience in the private sector shared by Fabio Lalli. "The data-driven approach is common to all industrial sectors, with its complexity: the huge amount of available data requires a clear goal to orient the analyses. In the data-driven economy, it is necessary to understand and protect the source of data, extract the right data, engaging users through data enrichment for innovation."

"Data availability is fundamental to implement a data-driven society, and Italy is in line with Europe on this path. However, we must work a lot on operability, data analytics, and digital skills. We must implement this cultural process if we want to win the challenge – Vincenzo Atella, CEO of SOSE, concluded.