SOSE Study Centre, in the framework of its research, innovation and application of new methodologies and tools on economic, statistical and fiscal issues, organises, in May, June and July some scientific seminars will be held in Rome, at SOSE headquarters.

The meetings of the Study Centre will continue on 9 May at 14.30 with a seminar held by Prof. Maarten Lindeboom, professor of Economics at the University of Amsterdam and Iza Institute of Labor Economics: Targeting Disability Insurance Applications with Screening. Starting from the Dutch system for the award of invalidity insurance, the study aims at greater control in the distribution of disability insurance. An experiment on the ground, implemented at the national level that led to interesting results for the benefit of the entire award system.

The work of the seminar will open at 14.30, in Rome at SOSE headquarters (Mentore Maggini street, 48C).

The following dates are scheduled for 30 May, 20 June and 11 July.

To participate in the scheduled workshops you must send an email to