Digital Transformation is a growth driver based on a combination of innovation and resilience, adaptability, and discovery. SOSE started time ago this process that the pandemic crisis has accelerated.

In SOSE, Digital Transformation is based on some key concepts:

  • The digital technology supported by a long-term vision.
  • digital skills and culture widespread at all levels to allow innovation processes to continue
  • processes and governance transformation to create a co-creation space for all external and internal subjects involved in the company, without leaving anyone behind;
  • research of new technological solutions to ensure increasing adaptability and customization.

Innovation is part of SOSE nature because its mission is analyzing data to create public value at the Country’s service. This research requires a continuous transformation based first of all on digital technologies.

This evolutionary process will modify SOSE organization, services, work activities, goals incessantly.


SOSE is continuously transforming. SOSE is evolving.

SOSE is SOSEvolution.