Dal 1° gennaio 2024 diventa operativa l'incorporazione di SOSE in Sogei, come previsto dalla legge n.112 del 2023 che ha disposto la fusione della società.

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SOSE organized a digital debate within the 2021 Forum PA that will take place on 24 June at 10.15 a.m. The “data driven economy,” involving a new kind of knowledge based on the ability to process the enormous amounts of data generated every day, will be the focus of the debate. The goal is to share the experiences of the private and public sectors by discussing the various aspects of the ongoing revolution and highlighting the elements necessary to support the recovery and resilience in Italy.

Vincenzo Atella, CEO and General Manager of SOSE; Paolo Ghezzi, General Director of Infocamere and Francesco Decarolis, Associate Professor of Economics at the Bocconi University; Fabio Lalli, Chief Business & Innovation Officer of Iquii, will take part in the event. Fabio Basile, Manager of the Communication and Marketing Unit in SOSE, will guide the discussion. Here for online registering at the event.

Starting from its experience as a data analytics company and involving all the subjects that have shared the projects related to the data revolution over time, SOSE will explain how the lack of data-driven processes will affect competitiveness which is essential in any sector. The pandemic has highlighted how important the data-driven economy is for the country's growth and recovery.

In a context globally dominated by Digital Transformation, both PA and economic operators must face unusual challenges and critical choices that need profound knowledge of data. The issue is crucial and plays an essential role considering the challenge Italy must address in the following years: implementing the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The goal is clear: extracting from data the necessary information to orient choices at best. Data have the value that can change things, and for this reason, a “data driven” economy is the only possible choice.

SOSE, aware of its role as a data analytics company, has always been committed to analysing and processing data of public interest, working every day with the Ministry of Economy and Finance and with the Finance Administration in general.

SOSE has always been working on adding value to the public sector and strengthen the path towards the data-driven society by analyzing the liquidity needs of the enterprises affected by the pandemic and expenditure increase to support local authorities and reviewing ISAs in the Covid emergency.

For this reason, during the 2021 ForumPA, SOSE will hold a debate on this issue to share the experiences made in different sectors.

  • Data for the public interest – SOSE. Data play a fundamental role in supporting public decision-makers in crucial and informed choices, especially in this challenging period.
  • The data analysis to evaluate the impact of significant events – Cortina 2021: the data-driven approach to local development, tested during the ski championship. The event was a virtuous example of data processing to support local development and economy.
  • At the centre of the data economy: public quality data and where to find them – Infocamere: the public registry of the Italian economy. Infocamere protects an essential asset of the country and represents a precious opportunity to develop digital services.
  • The development of services based on users' experiences: the power of IQUII data: the data that revolutionize the Customers Experience. How the enterprise's competitiveness changes if the organizational culture and the offer of services focus on users.

The event will be the right occasion to share different experiences and discuss all central issues of the data-driven economy, aware that dialogue and knowledge sharing can generate unexpected synergies and innovative initiatives.

Here for online registering at the event.